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About us

Invessel started in 2008 as a custom software development company. Over the course of many years it has built up experience in developing web-centric applications for a wide range of domains.

Sander Kruger is the founder of Invessel and has a long standing history in software development. An alumnus of Delft University of Technology, he received a masters degree in IT and has since developed his skills in programming, consultancy and project management. He recently acquired a Scrum Master certification.

Our customers are entrepreneurs with a new business idea. We help them to transform those ideas into products. We understand that our customers invest their time and money in innovation and don’t know exactly from day 1 what their product will be like. Agile development methods, management of expectations and mutual trust are the ingredients of every cooperation we have with our customers.

In 2012, the Mauritian office was opened to attract highly skilled professionals. By working in Mauritius, Invessel B.V. can dispose of a flexible workforce for a reasonable budget. Mauritius has a stable political climate and excellent education facilities, ensuring continuity.

We focus on small companies with great potential that do not find what they need in Big IT. Lean and Agile, we get the best out of the investment of our customers.