Your Vision, Our Mission


Software Development

To properly manage software development by a 3rd party that, on top of that, is based on another continent, requires experience and skill. As a customer you want to know precisely how the project is going, whether budgets are kept and whether deadlines are met. Therefore, transparency and good communication are essential.

Agile Methods

Invessel has years of experience in working remotely, managing the software development process and reporting regularly on the progress of a project. Online tools and Agile methods ensure a constant quality level in the reporting process. Our team has been trained to work in short cycles, where transparency about progress and management of expectations have a high priority. Account and project managers in Europe make sure that you have a local point of contact.


We can provide people on a project basis, by a specific skillset, as on-demand support, full-time under your own supervision or managed by a local project manager. Depending on the complexity and size of your project, and depending on the profile of your own staff, we determine the number of professionals we deploy and how the supervision is organized. Together, we decide if we want to work for a fixed price, for a monthly fee, using a fixed budget or with a score system.

Why choose outsourcing:

– Extend your in-house IT staff at a lower cost

– Acquire specific knowledge and skills

– Deploy IP professionals flexibly

– Strengthen your product quality assurance