Take control of your legacy systems

What about your Legacy Systems?

You’ve worked for a long time with a software system that was developed, modified or configured specifically for your company. The person that set this system up for you is no longer in business, taken over or charges prices that are much higher than when you started the business relationship. Perhaps this relationship is now disturbed. Then you have a slumbering problem.

Your business processes change and so do the requirements of modern computer systems, usability and security. You must be able to update the IT systems that support your business. Therefore, it is crucial to have a reliable partner to provide the maintenance, support and further development of those systems.

Invessel B.V. is that partner. We have extensive experience with the management, migration and modernization of applications. We’ll be more than happy to discuss the options for your system with you.

Our 5-step approach to legacy systems:
  1. Analyze the source code and architecture
  2. Migrate to a stable hosting environment
  3. Support you with urgent modifications
  4. Audit the security and sustainability of the system
  5. Keep alive or transform

Are you worried that your application is out-dated?

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We will look at your software system and make suggestions on how to make it a dynamic part of your business process.

Code source analysis

We have years of experience developing software in many languages, frameworks and architectures. We efficiently disect your system and come up with a strategy to stabilize and take control of it.

Hosting and Management

We work with top-tier data centers to host the application. We select the best architecture to support the workload, using clusters, dedicated servers, virtual machines or containers.

Support & Maintenance

We are here to help you. As we work with your system, we develop our knowledge of the underlying architecture and help your staff using it.


The system may be vulnerable to attacks on various levels. It is only a question of time before a hacker tries to get in. We can verify if the application has security holes and if the platform needs a fresh-up.

Keep Alive

Your system may be important but not crucial to your business. If you just want to extend the lifespan for a few years, we’ll keep it running safely for a limited budget.


Your business depends on this system. We can make it future-proof by transforming it to meet modern standards.

It can be a worry to have your business depend on out-dated software. What if a server crashes? What if the system gets hacked? And when you are ready for action, other issues may arise. Do you need to replace everything? Can you migrate business-critical data? Will your employees easily make the transition? What will be the cost?

Don’t let these worries nag you. We want to help you. Call us today!